Comunidad de Propietarios Residencial Malambo
Comunidad de Propietarios                         Residencial Malambo

Welcome to the Owner's Communtiy of Residencial Malambo in Marbella!

We are happy to welcome you to our web site. Now you can find our Community on the net and find basic information on Residencial Malambo.


Welcome to our Community, we all can make this a more pleasant place, we therefore ask you to respect the established rules which were approved to make proper use of the communal installations and improve the coexistence between neighbours. We remind our visitors that the installations are maintanied by the owners. Please respect and use them adequately.


Comunidad de Propietarios Residencial Malambo
C/Gladiolos s/n
29660 Marbella


Tambien nos puede llamar al telefono:

You can also call us on:

+34 629582875

o usar nuestro formulario de contacto.

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Sitio privado para propietarios:

Private site for owners



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